Do you like Swimming Pool ?


Maybe you will think & say like everybody, that the water in a swimming pool is clean because, with your eyes, the water seems to be very clear & beautiful to see.
But your eyes can not detect what has been contaminated with the same water.

These are my Chinese, Malagasy and Omani tourist clients (these people also have money, they are not like mass tourists and they travel very intelligently like you) who have stayed in my guest hotel, Le Luxia, have drawn my attention to Swimming Pool.
They told me that one should never swim in a Swimming Pool, because the water in a Swimming Pool is very dirty.
After listening to them, I can say that, they were absolutely right & true, the reason is very simple to understand.
You will agree with the fact that nowadays the majority of people use toilet paper to clean their buttocks after going to the TOILET.
So, how can you agree & accept to swim in a water where the person swimming near you has used TOILET PAPER ?
So, you do not know how this person cleaned up himself or herself ?
Also, you do not know, what did he or she ate yesterday ?
Or what illness can he or she have ?
Eventually for sure, this person shit will be mixed with the same water that will enter your mouth while swimming.
Wow, it's really disgusting to enter a Swimming Pool and allow that dirty shit water to enter your mouth or that of your innocent kids.

Maybe you will not agree with what I wrote above.
No problem.
I will give you another example.
Many tourists who come to Mauritius, like to rent apartments with Swimming Pool or villas with Swimming Pool as if having Swimming Pool on Holidays is a MUST. I respect their dream.

BUT Try this experience.

As soon as you enter an apartment or a villa with Swimming Pool, just open the bathroom door.
If you smell BAD smells.
Ask yourself, if the owner is not able to keep the toilets in his rooms clean, then how can you trust that the water of his Swimming Pool is clean and safe?
By chance at Le Luxia, we don't have Swimming Pools, also the Toilet in all our rooms have No smell and also have no smell of chemicals.

Conclusion :

I wonder if you will believe me or not of what I have written above.
Or you will continue to get dirty water from the Swimming Pool into your children's mouths.
Of course you will believe me.
Type Google this keyword: are hotel pools clean.
Type Google this keyword: is swimming pool water clean.
And you will see the results.

Bon Voyage to lovers of Swimming Pools.

If you agree about what I written above regarding Swimming Pool, please share it maximum to your friends

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